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Digital Elevation Model Data

The location of new real estate comes with inherent uncertainties: what environmental hazards could affect this site? Before you build, consider the often-overlooked factor of elevation.


Logistics of new real estate

In real estate development, before you select a site for a new building, many aspects must be considered prior to the construction phase.

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In January 2016, trees mysteriously disappeared in a public greenbelt in urban Seattle, unbeknownst to the city.

Seattle is known as the Emerald City due to its high coverage of trees even in the urban areas.

Despite being a place where trees are protected, illegal tree cuts can still happen. Unauthorized removals, however, remain very hard to detect, since they usually occur on a small scale.

NEXTMap | Digital Elevation Model

NEXTMap | Digital Elevation Model |cloudeo


NEXTMap One is the world’s largest contiguous, high-resolution
commercial elevation dataset. With a 1 meter horizontal and up to the 1-meter vertical resolution, and data built on 2016 or newer imagery, it provides the best foundation for link planning and other use cases in telecommunication.


cloudeo in partnership with Intermap Technologies is now offering NEXTMap One™ - a brand new global high-resolution Digital Elevation dataset

AIS and the Good vs. the Bad Guys

How AIS and S-AIS data are deliberately or inadvertently misused to hide ships and ship behaviour from those who rely on AIS and S-AIS data. AIS data is widely regarded as a way to track the “good guys”. That is, it’s only useful for tracking cooperating ships. Many people think that this means AIS is not useful for some applications such as security, border protection or fighting illegal fishing. Yet, with the right tools AIS can make an important and affordable contribution to these important applications.

Uses of AIS | cloudeo | Marine Traffic

Uses of AIS
Satellite AIS, combined with Coastal AIS data provides analysts with the ability to track ships globally or within any Area of Interest (AoI). One key issue is, for each application, to understand the importance of accuracy and timeliness of the data. For many applications, it matters whether the position information and the decision support data derived from positions is correct at the time that decisions are made.

Realities of S-AIS

Realities of S-AIS

Illegal fishing, piracy, inadvertent nature preserve trespass and damage to ships are some of the most discussed topics at the latest shipping and maritime developer conference, SEADEVCON in September 2018.  Experts agree that to tackle these issues, better and more accurate monitoring of vessels is of critical importance. The Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) transmitted information about vessels' identity and location provide a source for much needed, more accurate insight into marine traffic.