The Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology Co. Ltd (21AT), was founded on 6th June 2001 in Beijing and was the first independent commercial satellite operator and non-governmental investor in remote sensing satellite system in China.

It is the first private company that vertically integrated EO satellite operator and services businesses. It owns several low cost EO small satellites, including the 1m optical EO small satellite constellation, and the satellite control & image tasking and receiving stations.

It is capable to provide products and services for the entire space geo-information value chain from satellite procurement/financing, satellite housekeeping, payload & satellite resources management, tasking, data acquisition, image processing, hosting/archiving, data management/distribution, multiple satellite source integration through its web portal, sophisticated geo-information services, to application software development and integrated solutions.

The main products and services are imaging data including programmed & archiving data; value added images, geo-information services and spatial remote sensing services. In addition, we are offering image data processing software, database, web portal development, smart satellite resource management & operation and automatic & intelligent tasking software development, as well as direct image receiving for the fast delivery.

The geo-information services cover a wide range of information products and services including land cover theme imagery, change investigation, data statistics & analysis, 3D simulation and professional consultancy for spatial information applications with various intellectual properties aiming to serve government administration, public services and commercial markets.

21AT is pioneering and leading in providing national, regional and global “Dynamic Information Management System”. 21AT's dedicated EO asset with the global daily imaging capability is the key in enabling this unique service. 21AT has obtained extensive experiences in providing successful services for the customers from more than 43 countries and regions. These services cover many applications including land resources management, eco-environment monitoring and urban planning.

21AT established global presence and we are going to further expand our sales and service channels in order to bring the benefits of our unique products and services to world.

Abu Dhabi, UAE, TripleSAT, archive, 21AT

TripleSat Constellation Archive has the right tools when you need a time-series of images to map or monitor your area of interest.


Abu Dhabi, UAE, TripleSAT, Tasking, 21AT

TripleSat Constellation Tasking has the right tools when you need a time-series of images to map or monitor your area of interest.